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Travel the world of finances and loans with Moneezy

Across the world, we all have dreams – regardless of where we are born. But other than that, what is the link that ties us together? We all know that money makes the world go ‘round, but maybe money and financing also connects us all at an unexpected level? Travel the world starting now, as we take you on a tour around the continents. Just jump on the flight, and the next time you set foot on earth, you will know about fun facts such as the Finnish word for loan and what that actually means in Bulgarian (you do not want to miss this).

Breaking down barriers between you, the world and the loan of your dreams, Moneezy gives you overview and freedom of choice – wherever you are. We simply want to open the world to you and to all the dreamers across the globe. And whether you are searching for “snabblån”, “préstamos rápidos” or “patēriņa kredīti”, we can help you reach your destination safe and sound.

Taking off on that notion, let’s have a look at some of the things we have in common: It is well known that Swedes, Norwegians and Danes are similar in many ways, but did you also know that in these countries 85 % of people prefer paying with card over cash when travelling? Especially Norwegians are fond of cards, in particular when it comes to “kredittkort” (credit cards), which is far more popular in Norway than classic payday loans, which Danes refer to as "kviklån".

Another interesting fact is this (take notes, if you like dropping trivia from time to time): More than 50 % of Canadians are likely to pay more than 100 euros for a single stay when travelling, closely followed by Brazilians and Poles.

And here is one that you will probably remember; you may be surprised to hear that laina - the Finnish word for loan – means something totally different in Bulgarian. Without being too specific, this is actually the word for the smelly content of a baby’s diaper, also known as number 2… Okay, maybe that was a little bit more than you wanted to know, but still, it’s a fun fact. And in case you were wondering; the Bulgarian word for payday loan is Бързи кредити, pronounced “burzi krediti”.

As we are getting ready to land and end our world tour, you may experience that the person sitting next to you on the plane speaks German. And why is that? Well, on average Germans spend 65 % of their disposable income on travelling – so think about practicing “guten tag” and “auf wiedersehen” before your next flight.

We hope you enjoyed your trip around the world, and rest assured that Moneezy will assist you in getting where you need to go, whenever you want the world before your feet.

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