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Easter is here!

Easter holidays and decoration ideas.

Easter is the time of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. It is the oldest of Christian festivities and it is the time of the year, when people think of death not as the end, but as a new beginning. Easter is one of the most important celebrations for Christians and the central event of their religion. For this reason, Christians all over the world celebrate Easter. However, it is not only Christians, but everyone who decides to do so, since Easter is also known and understood as the celebration of hope.

Unlike Christmas, which always falls on the same date, Easter is not celebrated on the same day every year. This also applies to other celebrations, that are related to the Easter holidays. Why is the date different every year? It is because the date of Easter depends on lunar phases, the Gregorian calendar, and the beginning of spring. So, there are many things, that determine on which day Easter is celebrated on a particular year.However, there is a certain time period in which it must happen each year and that is the period from March 22nd to April 25th.

Easter has been a time of celebration and eating since its origins. This of course also includes many traditional decorations and games. Most countries share traditions, but there are some countries that celebrate Easter very differently.

In Bermuda, for example, kite flying is the most popular pastime during the Easter holidays.

In some countries, especially Norway, Easter is the time of crime novels. This is called "Påskekrimmen", the Easter tradition of reading, watching and listening to crime novels. Thrillers are broadcasted on television or played on the radio across the country.

In France, on the other hand, the residents of a town named Haux beat several thousand eggs on a gigantic pan every Easter Monday in order to cook a giant Easter omelette, and then eat it together.

In Germany, Switzerland and many other countries, nests are hidden for children to be found. These nests are decorated baskets or boxes filled with chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, candies, and toys that are supposedly hidden by the Easter bunny himself. The children as well as adults try to roll these eggs over the lawn as quickly as possible and knock them together to see whose egg breaks last. Or sometimes they simply eat their Easter eggs. There are many different traditions tied to these holidays.

Easter is a nice time to spend with your loved ones. It's the perfect opportunity for the whole family to gather and have a good time together. However, before the celebrations actually begin, the decorations must of course be set up.

Decorating the house together is also a wonderful way to spend time with the family. However, it can happen, that new decorations are occasionally needed. Some of the Easter decorations might get lost, broken, or perhaps some families have never celebrated Easter, but would like to start. Unfortunately, Easter decorations can be expensive, especially if you can't or don't necessarily want to spend money on something, that will only be displayed in the house for a very short time each year. Fortunately, there is a solution for everything!

The first thing that should definitely not be missing at Easter are the colored eggs. When you go to the store, pre-made eggs can be expensive. However, if you make them yourself, it will be much cheaper and fun, especially if you have children. It is a good opportunity to spend time together. All you need, of course, are eggs and special markers or watercolors and a few pens. There is no right or wrong about coloring the eggs. They can be as colorful and exotic as you want and there are a million ways to paint them. It's the perfect opportunity to create a unique masterpiece and let your creative side run wild.

Plus, when you buy eggs, you can even use the box that the eggs came in, so don’t throw it out immediately. You can paint and decorate this box as well and place it in a nice spot! You can even include a few chocolate eggs or other sweets among them, and just like that you have another Easter decoration.

For the next simple and inexpensive Easter decoration, all you need is some ribbon, some paper, pens and a few twigs or a large plant. Cut the paper into egg shapes, then color the shapes to your liking. Stick them next to each other by using tape. Finally, place the ribbon on a plant or some branches and there you have another Easter decoration.

The next idea is to make bunnies out of napkins. All you need for this are a couple of napkins. Of course, you need to be patient as this is a slightly more complicated task. There are plenty of techniques with instructions available on the internet. Once you get the hang of it, you can make as many as you want and place them around the house.

Those were some great ideas for homemade Easter decorations on a budget. Remember to have fun with it. Happy Easter!

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